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The Benefits of Serene Residential Treatment Program in Leona Valley

Residential Treatment Program in Leona Valley

Have you been looking for a residential treatment program that’s truly different from the rest? Do you want to go for treatment somewhere that’s safe and tightly structured yet also welcoming and serene? That’s exactly what we built our residential treatment program in Leona Valley to be. Here, our expert staff provides care around the clock, all while helping you or your loved one to have the best possible chance for lasting success.

A Recovery Center That Allows You to Truly Recover 

We realized before we started our recovery center that the traditional substance abuse treatment and recovery model could be significantly improved. So often, we read of “luxury rehabs” that emphasized their luxury and their big-city location, but not their environment, or what they could provide. Here, our remote location makes it so that our patients never have to worry about distractions or anything that could take their focus away from their recovery. That way, they’re able to better take those all-important early steps on the journey of recovery. 

A Higher, More Personal Level of Treatment 

Everything we do is centered around providing evidence-based treatment that’s tailored to the individual client’s needs. We only have six beds. So, when you’re here, you’ll always be able to get the attention you deserve. That way, we’re better able to truly focus on each individual. No one is overlooked here. Instead, our staff puts together a treatment plan that’s specifically designed to help you improve your coping skills, and change your thoughts, behaviors, and the underlying causes of your addiction. With that, you’ll be best equipped for success long after you walk out of the center. 

A Treatment Plan for You 

Our staff has many, many different forms of therapeutic approaches at their command. Thus, they’re able to “mix and match” those, so to speak, to be able to put together your right treatment plan. Some may best be served by DBT (“Dialectical Behavior Therapy”), while others could find great success with ABA (“Behavioral Modification.”) A combination of those, as well as an emphasis on motivational therapies and stress management, could be right for another client. Drawing upon their years of experience, our staff can create a plan for your needs, and your responses. 

Residential Treatment Program in Leona Valley

A Welcoming Residential Treatment Program in Leona Valley 

It’s entirely possible that, if you’re dealing with addiction right now, everything in your life is telling you not to reach out for residential treatment. Perhaps you’re concerned about finances, and how much it could cost. We may be able to help. Indeed, we do not believe that financial uncertainty should preclude anyone struggling with addiction from getting the proper treatment. To that end, we take private insurance and we are an out-of-network provider for several major insurance companies as well. You can reach out to us for more information or to get started on the road to recovery through our site or by calling (661) 936-7027.