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Hope and Help: Our Partial Hospitalization Programs in California

Partial Hospitalization Programs in California

Are you looking for a treatment program that’s as flexible as outpatient care but has the structure of residential treatment? Have you finished residential treatment and are wondering what’s next? The correct next step may very well be our partial hospitalization program. With this, you’ll be better able to get the care you need while balancing your work life and your home life. At Leona Valley Recovery Center, we’re proud to be able to offer a higher level of partial hospitalization programs in California

PHP Defined 

The easiest way to think of partial hospitalization is: just like our residential treatment program but you go home at night. So, you’ll get the same care, support, and treatment. You’ll have the same therapy, the same group work, and the same skill development and recovery tools that you would expect if you were staying at Leona Valley Recovery Center 24/7. However, when the treatment is done, you’ll be able to return to your home and spend the night there. This is a demanding level of outpatient care, but it can absolutely be the right fit for many continuing their journey of recovery. 

How to Tell if Partial Hospitalization is Right for You 

For many, PHP is the next step after residential treatment. However, we’ve found it’s most effective if you have a safe, drug-free home environment as well as a flexible enough schedule to handle the travel to and from the clinic daily. If you can handle the daily structure and schedules, if you’re ready to connect to the local sober community, then we may be able to help. 

PHP Unlike Any Other 

It’s important to note that partial hospitalization isn’t, by any means, a “lesser” treatment. Far from it. Indeed, it’s rigorous. You’ll be here for several hours at the clinic daily. You’ll meet with your individual therapists, your group therapist, and even your family therapists. Yes, you will be able to live your independent life away from our facility, but you will also have to maintain structure. 

Partial Hospitalization = Full Treatment 

When you’re here, you’ll have the same wide range of therapeutic and spiritual services that all of our clients receive. That could mean CBT and DBT, of course, but it could also mean bible study, spiritual advisory, or even gestalt therapy – our expert staff will put together a plan for your specific needs. 

Partial Hospitalization Programs in California

The Gate to Our Partial Hospitalization Programs in California is Open

If you believe that you’re a great fit for partial hospitalization, we’ll be glad to talk to you about your options. However, it may be that PHP isn’t the best fit for you right now. Indeed, you could best benefit from residential treatment or even detox. We can help you to take those first, all-important steps on the road to recovery. To learn more or to see how we can help, you can reach us through our site or by calling (661) 936-7027

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