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Drug and Alcohol Detox Help You Through Withdrawal Syndrome

Drug and Alcohol Detox

Drug and alcohol detox is a key component of any kind of addiction recovery journey. Here at Leona Valley Recovery Center, we want you to have access to this vital part of the journey to sobriety. However, we know that not everyone is aware of what detox is for, so allow us to give you a brief introduction.

The Importance of Detoxification

Many people who are unfamiliar with the way substance abuse works mistakenly believe that cutting use simply requires the will to do so. This posits that a person suffering from addiction can simply choose to cut use and go on with their life. What this ignores is that addiction actually changes the way that the homeostatic processes in the body happen by excessive substance use. This means that suddenly cutting the intake can be quite harmful or aggressive towards the body, which means that it’s not really something that people should go through on their own. What does this look like? Well, it will mostly depend on the substance, so let’s take a closer look at drug and alcohol detox.

Drug Withdrawal

Different drugs will have different effects when it comes to withdrawal, but there tends to be a certain general overlap. For example, regardless of the substance in question, there will often be cravings, the duration of which may vary. Some people will suffer violent cravings within hours of discontinuing use, while others might struggle with softer but more persistent cravings. These occur because the body has grown too used to the constant intake of the substance and is in further need for it. Due to the whiplash that can be caused by sudden withdrawal, which can, in turn, significantly hurt the body, it is optimal for people to undergo supervised detoxification to protect themselves.

Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol withdrawal, on the other hand, can have very specific effects on those who have developed alcohol dependence. Symptoms typically kick in around six hours after the last intake, often escalating to their worst point between 24 and 72 hours after that. The individual will often experience anxiety, sweating, shaking, vomiting, fever, and a faster heart rate. More severe symptoms include seizures, delirium tremens, and hallucinations, which can be quite harmful and distressing if the person isn’t prepared for them. Because of this, it’s important to undergo controlled alcohol withdrawal as part of a detoxification program. This is how the stage is set for a healthy and safe transition towards sobriety.

Drug and Alcohol Detox

Find Drug and Alcohol Detox

Addiction is an overwhelming medical condition that can often be quite challenging to overcome. Because of this, it’s important to find the right help for the overall process. At Leona Valley Recovery Center, we want to make sure that you receive the support you need in this situation. For more information about our drug and alcohol detox center and how we can help you, you can give us a call at (661) 306-3487 or write to us through our website. Our team is ready to guide you on the path to recovery.

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