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Partial Hospitalization Program

At Leona Valley Recovery, we know each client’s road to recovery is unique. That’s why we provide a range of addiction treatment programs in California. Our partial hospitalization program provides clients with the structure of residential treatment and the flexibility of outpatient care. Today, PHP programs are a leader in addiction recovery, giving clients a balance between clinical treatment and home recovery. 

If you or someone you love is ready for outpatient treatment in Leona Valley, CA, call Leona Valley Recovery today. Our range of treatment programs includes partial hospitalization for addiction treatment with comprehensive therapies and spiritual care. Call us now at 888.702.1852 to learn if the PHP at Leona Valley Recovery is right for you. 

man talking to his doctor about partial hospitalization programs

What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program For Addiction Recovery?

Also called PHP, partial hospitalization is the highest level of outpatient rehab. Outpatient programs provide clients with the same therapy, group work, and recovery tools as inpatient treatment. The only difference is outpatient clients sleep at home. This can make PHPs more affordable than inpatient treatment while providing the same level of care, support, and resources. This can also make PHPs a great choice for people balancing home, work, school, family life, and recovery.

Partial hospitalization programs are the demanding level of outpatient care, requiring the client to spend several hours at the clinic each day. During their time at the clinic, clients meet with individual, group, and family therapists. They also work on relapse prevention plans and spiritual care in our intimate treatment center. 

Is a PHP Right For Me?

PHPs are a great alternative to inpatient care, however they may not be right for everyone at every stage of recovery. Some signs PHP treatment is right for you might include:

  • You just finished residential treatment and are ready to transition to home life with addiction therapy and support
  • You have a safe, drug-free home environment to promote sobriety
  • You have time and flexibility to visit the clinic for several hours a day
  • You have reliable transportation to get to and from the clinic daily
  • You’re highly independent
  • You thrive with daily schedules and structure
  • You have a job, school, or family obligations that allow some flexibility
  • You have sober support at home and in the community
  • You are ready to connect with the local sober community

Partial hospitalization requires clients to maintain structured, independent lives. For some, partial hospitalization can offer too much flexibility and not enough relapse prevention. In those cases, it’s always best to start with residential treatment. For those with safe, sober homes, however, a PHP can offer the best of both worlds. Many insurance companies can also support clients through longer PHP programs than inpatient programs because of their lower cost. 

Our PHP programs Leona Valley Recovery have a wide range of therapeutic and spiritual services for clients in Leona Valley. Bible study, Gestalt therapy, and spiritual advisory are only a few services that make Leona Valley Recovery unique. Our clients also enjoy the benefits of CBT and DBT alongside other types of psychotherapy for evidence-based addiction recovery. 

Find the Partial Hospitalization Program For You in Leona Valley, California

Choosing the right recovery program isn’t always easy. If you or someone in your life is struggling with substance abuse, let the team at Leona Valley Recovery help. Our intimate clinic provides inpatient and outpatient care in the beautiful Leona Valley, CA. We help our clients recover from detox through relapse prevention planning. Whether you’re transitioning from residential care or ready to begin your first PHP program, the team at Leona Valley is here to help. 

Get Started with Partial Hospitalization Treatment at Leona Valley Recovery Today!

Don’t wait, call Leona Valley Recovery now 888.702.1852 to learn more about the benefits of our PHP program and enroll today.