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Addiction Treatment Programs

addiction treatment programsLeona Valley Treatment Center is dedicated to true healing and recovery from substance use disorder. Most people would assume that every addiction treatment facility is concerned with healing, but we recognize that the standard approach to addiction treatment and recovery is flawed in many cases.

Addiction imposes challenges and struggles, and recovery is also a challenge and a struggle. However, many addiction treatment facilities play up the luxurious accommodations, amenities, and proximity to major cities. While those things are nice, we believe that too much focus on luxury and location can hinder true recovery. In essence, a client puts location and amenities before treatment options and healing philosophy, which is why we believe many people repeat rehab. The real world, where they have to apply what they have learned, is challenging and not luxurious, so the temptation to return to a resort-like rehab center impedes recovery.

We believe that honesty, truth, and proven, evidence-based therapies delivered in a serene, remote setting on an individualized basis are the best way to tackle recovery. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, contact us at 888.702.1852 to learn how we can help you find true serenity and sobriety.

Our Addiction Treatment Programs in California

From our personally tailored detox and residential treatment programs to individual, family, and group sessions, we have built Leona Valley Recovery Center to offer the most comprehensive and reliable care possible.

Our addiction treatment programs and services include:

Detox and Rehab

“Rehab” is short for “rehabilitation” and can easily refer to every level of treatment. Detox, however, is much more specific. Short for “detoxification,” this is the process where someone begins total abstinence from the substance they are struggling with. That means they are no longer consuming the substance in any amount, which is a very delicate situation.

Abstaining from drugs and alcohol is the most important and first step in the recovery process. Abruptly stopping is not only difficult but sometimes dangerous and even life-threatening. Therefore, it is important to undergo detox in a professional setting, surrounded and monitored by professionals.

Professional detox improves the chances of a successful recovery and makes withdrawal more comfortable. Our caring and professional staff monitor your physical and emotional state around the clock to increase your comfort and ease any anxieties you may have.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Inpatient addiction treatment is often called residential addiction treatment. At Leona Valley Recovery Center, we offer a  residential treatment program with a capacity of six beds. Inpatient treatment is often challenging because your body and mind are going through higher levels of stress. It is often coupled with the detox process or immediately follows it.

The level of care and treatment modalities administered during inpatient treatment are tailored specifically for the individual.

Reach Out to Leona Valley to Learn More

Your health and wellness is our ultimate goal. When someone enrolls in the addiction treatment programs at Leona Valley RC and trusts us with their recovery, we dedicate ourselves immediately to knowing who they are and how we can help. The strength inside of each and every person we see is a powerful guiding force. We understand the struggles of addiction and especially how difficult it can be to begin treatment. Remember, you are never alone. We are ready and willing to receive your phone call and provide you with information about insurance verification or enrolling. If you prefer that we reach out to you, complete our online form, and a member of our staff will be in touch. We’re ready to help you focus your resilience and dedication and start your brand-new life today. Recovery is tough, but so are you. Give us a call at 888.702.1852 to learn more, or reach out online.