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Addiction Therapy Programs in California Unlike Any Others

Addiction Therapy Programs in California

Are you looking for an addiction treatment program that’s truly centered around your needs? When you read about different addiction therapy programs in California, do they all more or less sound the same? Of the many reasons, we started the Leona Valley Recovery Center, one of the most important was to improve upon the traditional addiction treatment experience. Here, we can provide a tailored balance of relapse prevention planning, evidence-based treatment, and even spiritual care. 

What Our Treatment is About 

While we have many different addiction therapies, the goal is always to find the underlying causes of your addiction. Our staff works with you to discover exactly what these causes are as well as reduce your addiction triggers. Once we’re able to do that, we’ve found that our clients can make a real change in their lives that lasts. Our therapies can be one on one with a therapist, it can be in groups with others in the Leona Valley Recovery Center community, can even with members of your family. Our staff can put together a treatment that’s right for you. 

A Talk Therapy to Fit Your Needs 

CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) and DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) might be the most commonly-known forms of therapy, but they’re far from all that we offer here at Leona Valley Recovery Center. Yes, many of our clients have responded very positively to those over the years, but we’ve also been able to help our clients with ICT (“introspective counseling therapy”), a form of therapy where clients understand their inner life, searching for their soul and utilizing quiet introspection. Still, others may benefit from “Gestalt Therapy,” a form of therapy that focuses on improving the client’s self-direction, making it possible for them to change their lives and even rewrite their addiction stories. 

What Therapy Can Do 

The above are just some of the therapies that we offer here. All of the therapies that we offer, however, in one way or another, can help clients to lower their stress, improve their communication, to better understand themselves, to have the kind of emotional resiliency that puts them in charge of their own lives, to be able to regulate their emotions and handle higher levels of stress. 

Addiction Therapy Programs in California

The First Step of Our Addiction Therapy Programs in California

Therapy, like recovery itself, is an ongoing journey. For many, it starts at Leona Valley Recovery Center but it doesn’t end here. We can help you or someone you love to take those first steps out of addiction, to get clean, to go through detox, and to develop the kinds of skills that can allow you to live your life how you want. To learn more or to take the first step towards recovery, you can reach us through our site or call (661) 936-7027.